Raala Kithul Treacle 250ml

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  • Raala Kithul Treacle
  • Weight – 250 ml
  • Made in Sri Lanka

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Raala Kithul Treacle has made using fresh and 100% natural Kithul Flower extract, it gives you the original kithul taste from Sri lankan Kithul treacle extract. Kithul Treacle to can use as a replacement to honey and can make different sweet foods.

For centuries, Sri Lankans have harnessed the sap of the Kithul palm to craft the delectable and syrupy delight known as kithul treacle. Esteemed for its divine flavor, this sweet syrup has not only tantalized the taste buds of Sri Lankans but has also served as a repository of numerous health benefits. Embedded in the annals of time, kithul has been a staple in Ayurvedic remedies, offering a panacea for an array of health concerns. From arthritis prevention to enhancing skin complexion, alleviating constipation, aiding in weight loss, and regulating blood sugar levels, the virtues of kithul treacle have transcended mere indulgence.

What makes this sweet elixir even more remarkable are its intrinsic health-promoting properties. Rich in antioxidants and amino acids, kithul treacle emerges as a holistic tonic for well-being. Its low glycemic index further distinguishes it as a natural sweetener of choice for those grappling with diabetes, underlining its global appeal. As Sri Lankans continue to savor the ambrosial taste of kithul treacle, they are also imbibing a tradition steeped in the wisdom of Ayurveda and the bounties of nature.

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